Poole Harbour first paddle together 29th October 2013

After a flurry of phone calls from Barry, we decided to meet up for a paddle round Poole Harbour and to have a chat about any issues we thought needed raising. I had bought the Necky Chatham for a blast (potentially it’s last one if I sell it soon) we soon set up. (Spot the beached yacht! haha)

Ready to set off.

As we set off, Baz felt the need to check the water depth very quickly (haha) but soon we headed out into the main harbour. It was a F3-4 easily gusting F5 at times which made for interesting conditions as we were heading into the wind and the ebbing tide.

Setting off against the choppy conditions

We plodded along, Baz getting used to the Kaskazi Skua and semi-wing paddle he has borrowed, very quickly by all accounts.

Made steady progress up past the Piddle (still makes me laugh!) and up the River Frome against the strong tide. We were managing about 3mph throughout which was good to see and the Skua is indeed a worthy sea kayak.

The sun came out!

Then it poured down!

Pudsey Bear came out to paddle!

I realised that my passenger was struggling in the rain and tried to jump off. My skills as a grasshopper negotiator paid off as he stayed with me and we soon ended up at Wareham.

Hang on!

Stopped for Chips and a quick Coke before setting off again…..

This time we were against the tide again but a following sea which made for the usual surfy “twitchy” conditions!

After a quick slog against the strong winds and tides, I had a look at the GPS:

Here’s what the view was like when we landed:

Here’s a look at the shape of the Skua compared with the Necky Chatham:

Kaskazi Skua left – Necky Chatham 17 Composite right.

Great to see a different part of the world and had a great laugh. The first of many, many paddles!


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