7th November 2013 – Warsash to Lee-on-Solent 15.4 miles…..

Still loads of emails being sent and even more phone calls from my paddle-wife Baz! He has been out lots on the Kazkazi Skua and I really wanted to try to Stealth Splash out. I knew that a mate Richi Oliver had recently bought one and loved it so yesterday I drove to Southampton, grabbed it off the top of his car and headed home.

After setting the footrests up easily, Baz turned up at my house today around 10am. I had decided to go to Warsash where I do most of my paddle training as the weather has been really windy recently for AGES!

Stealth Splash (nearest) Kaskazi Skua (furthest away)

Side by side comparison

As I first got into the Splash I immediately felt comfortable. I am used to a Scupper Pro and Necky Chatham 17 so this felt great. Smooth and seamless primary and secondary stability, comfy seating position and under your legs are supported by the shape of the deck area which is great for relieving sciatica. I hated the position of the permanent skeg/rudder on land as I was worried I’d break it, but in the water it is far better than a conventional rudder as it is extremely responsive and being further forward means that in swells it still works really well. First impressions good!

Barry setting off from Warsash slipway.

So flat you’d think you were on a lake!

We headed out of The Hamble and onto Southampton Water, it was amazing conditions however we were against the tide which is a spring tide at the moment. We made about 3.5 to 4 mph (GPS) against the 1-2 knot tide. I was trying the Kinetic Wing Paddle which was different – I can’t make my mind up if it’s better than my Euro Blade Werner Shuna?

Headed up past Solent Breezes Holiday Park….

Eventually made it to The Shack at Lee-on-Solent for a well earned burger!

The Shack!

Soon headed back, this time with the tide a bit but against the Westely wind that was picking up.

Stay away from the Hovercraft!

Southampton Solent Uni training sea survival and MOB drills.

We soon landed at the Hamble Slip where we swapped over so Baz could demo the Splash.

I want this house!!!!

Amazing weather!

As the light was fading, we spun around at Swanwick Shore Road and back to Warsash.

This time a 15.4 mile trip and another few lessons learned about different kayaks.

15.4 miles.


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