We welcome a new member onboard……!

As you are aware, Chris and I have spent a great deal of time contacting various companies for help and support for this paddle. One of the companies I contacted was Alderney Angling. I have met Mark Harding many times as I used to frequent Alderney with Oberon although I haven’t been there for a few years.

Mark is a brilliant and well respected angler from both boat and shore. Mark is also a very keen kayak angler and knows the waters around Alderney intimately. This is the reason why I contacted him. After explaining what we were planning, Mark sounded quite excited and was keen to help in whatever way he could. Within the hour and completely out of the blue, I received a message from him asking if he could actually take part. Mark gave his reasons for wanting to help and was clearly genuinely passionate about this for personal reasons. After discussing this with Chris and Arran (safety boat etc) we were only too happy to have Mark directly involved with the paddle.

On behalf of Chris and I, welcome on board, Mark, and get training !!!



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