Proposed dates of the crossing.

Hi All,

I thought I would just give you some more information as I get it and things move forward.

We are proposing to do the paddle in one of, currently, 5 date windows.

The dates are:

06/06/14 – 07/06/14
22/06/14 – 23/06/14
06/07/14 – 08/07/14
22/07/14 – 23/07/14
05/08/14 – 06/08/14

The crossing is complex in that it cannot be about speed. Forget the inherent dangers of the shipping lanes, they will always be there. The issues are that our speed must be relative so that we land in Braye at exactly the right time. Everything else is then back calculated so that the trip encompasses 2 ebb tides and 1 flood. This is so that we approach the island from the north east as opposed to the north west because of areas like the swinge.
Our speed over the ground will be variable because most of the time we will be beam on to the tides but on the last leg we can cover as much as 30 – 35 miles in 5 hours due to the very fast tidal streams close to the island and off the French coast..

So far we have had some excellent offers of help. This has involved kit and equipment. Also another sponsor has offered to supply the safety boat and all the admin concerned with navigation, AIS etc. This is what his company teaches. These sponsors will be named at a later date as soon as we have confirmed all offers of help.



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