1st paddle of 2014!

I usually try to have a paddle as near to New Years Day as possible and this year I was lucky to have been able to get out today for a few hours inbetween the 50+mph winds. My fence panels had been blown in, I had been ill (not eating for over 40 hrs a few days ago) so was itching to get out!

Arriving at Warsash (about 3 miles from my house) I saw that the car park had been badly flooded and looking at the water it was inches from the car park again. I arrived at 1030 which was high tide but there was the second high tide to follow. As I set off the flood water was extremely high and I have never seen it like that before. The wind gusted to a F4 on occasions and I set off upstream. Sunny at first I saw loads of others, some in canoes, some in some very old kayaks and even a few Stand-up paddleboards. Here are a few photos of the trip……




The Wrong Bray(e)!!!!


DOUBLE Rainbow!


No I didn’t stop!


Look how high the water is!




11.3 miles total

DSCF1885 DSCF1883 DSCF1888


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