1st paddle of 2014 to the Isle of Wight.

After a last minute pass from my understanding wife (I have to say that just in case she is reading! haha) I headed out to Daedelus (Lee-on-Solent) for a much needed paddle over to the Isle of Wight after not being able to do it last week due to the weather. After a quick chat to Solent Coastguard (to the left of the photo) I headed out.

The wind was not a F3 as predicted but a F4 gusting to 5 W/SW at times…….

The middle of the Solent was like the M25 in the boat world! They seemed surprised to see me sneak past  :D The good news was that on the VHF they weren’t catching so I didn’t feel jealous!

I headed for Osbourne House (to the left of Cowes) as the beach looked nice.

In the middle of the channel a big tanker loomed…..put the hammer down!

On Osbourne beach I landed briefly to admire what must have been where Queen Victoria might have looked out to the mainland wishing she had a kayak……

After the quick photo I jumped back on and headed back…yachts everywhere!

Enjoyed the paddle back a bit more as the wind settled to a F3-4 and then I looked over and realised that I was in the short draft channel. Ooops.

Made it past in time though.

Lee-on-Solent looked like a summer day.

Landed soon after going through the dreaded Jetski area, which ruined the lovely quiet and calm of the day.

Lovely day for it and more miles under my belt which is what it is all about……


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