Team crazy gets together for the first time!

Mark (who lives in Alderney) said that he was in England this weekend so we decided that a team meeting was in order. This was the first time I had met him so was a must. I booked the day off work and after meeting up at Barry’s we went to Poole. The weather is appalling at the moment so three wet adventurers stumbled into MacDonalds and commandeered a large table and spread out our charts.

Mark “pondering” the charts!

We had loads to talk about but mainly it was tidal flows, timings, weather and safety stuff of which there is a lot to think about. Training, fund raising and equipment were also talked about in detail. As you can imagine the list is exhaustive and it makes me chuckle when people e-mail me asking if i have thought about safety, tides etc – as if I was just going to jump in the kayak one day as see how we get on! haha.

I would like to do the trip as unsupported as possible, taking all my equipment, food and water in the kayak with me as I have seen others using the support boat to carry this and feed/water them. If I had my own way I would do this completely unsupported however this is irresponsible (due to the shipping mainly) and impossible as legally you need a boat with you.

It was great to meet up and I can see from an early stage that we are going to have a really good laugh even during the tough times and I hope that we can both raise awareness and sponsorship for Heroes on the Water UK and MacMillan.


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