“Lepe”ing over the waves from Warsash

After dropping my son off at school I hurried home, threw the kayak on the roof and headed down to Warsash so I could grab a few hours training on the water. I am always dictated to by tide so heading towards Lepe/Beaulieu was the only way to go!

Set off and it was glorious. It was almost like Spring!

I headed out at speed with the ebbing tide of the Hamble and onto Southampton Water. It is always really busy here and can can be really dangerous if you don’t understand the shipping lanes. I stopped briefly at the edge of the main channel and looked left….

and right….

I couldn’t see the fast cat, Cowes Ferries or tankers but could see the dredger by Calshot moving slowly.

It is interesting to see how the deep water channel affects the surface after a ship has gone though.

No sooner as I had nearly cleared the main channel I saw the fast cat thrapping through, swiftly followed by a massive car carrier….well I do need to get used to them although the pilot ship thought otherwise and tried to fend me off!

After crossing the channel I rounded Calshot and was hit with a strong head wind that I had been sheltered from.

I battled through the fairly large swells and waves heading for Lepe. I had intended to get to the mouth of Beaulieu River but as I kept watching the clouds I could see a horrible squall heading my way.

I have always had a good intuition and this was not good!! I decided to turn early and head back as I know the swells pick up badly at low tide on the ebb with a Southerly….and it was that…oops. I surfed all the way back to Calshot in snotty rainy weather. The Scupper Pro handles it really well and always inspires confidence.

I fought my way across the channel again and against the tide slightly as my early return meant the flood hadn’t started yet.

Good resistance training as usual! I crossed the channel and slogged up to the Hamble. As I had an hour left before I had to leave for the school run I decided to add another half an hour up the Hamble to capatalise on the opportunity and seeing as I feeling tired (I have a cold) I thought it would do me good. The weather here was horrible!! haha. What a comparison!

Soon I turned back and back to launch point.

What a nice day inbetween the showers. Who says that the weather is too bad to get out? Not me đŸ˜‰



2 thoughts on ““Lepe”ing over the waves from Warsash

  1. Brilliant Chris, well done for getting out. Really struggling here to get out in the Kayak, missed that fine day on Monday as I was in Guernsey, real shame that. Loads of gym work though, a bit of cycling and running, plus up the anti with the cliff walking with the heavy rucksack. Fee the fitness levels increasing………..want to get my backside in the seat of the yak again though!

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