EPIC day out surfing with new team member Ian!

After our good news that Ian has joined the team we finally got the opportunity to get out! We soon decided on Christchurch Harbour and as we are waiting for our kayaks to be built, Ian kindly offered us the chance to try out some of his Epic V8’s that I’d been wanting to try for ages anyway. We met at the slipway at 9am and soon afterwards Barry joined us. Ian soon showed us around them as we are not used to surf ski styles and also the wing paddle.

Ian showing Barry how to adjust the rudder peddles on the V8

Soon afterwards Richi and James joined us. Richi’s kayak is the one we tried and liked and is the one we have ordered so it was good to see a comparison.

From left to right – James, Baz,Ian and Richi in the Stealth.

We set off with the tide and headed out towards Mudeford. I hit 8.5mph at the fastest…..

As we neared the harbour entrance at Mudeford Quay I could see some massive waves at the entrance and Ian inquired if we wanted to go out and play in it. I thought he was joking at first seeing as we had about half an hours experience in what I would describe as a toothpick! He wasn’t joking! As we had drysuits on we agreed to give it a go and Richi set off like the clappers…..

We headed out of the channel and the waves were mad. After about 2 minutes I saw Barry turn turtle…..I sat and watched to make sure he could get back on, which he quickly did (I would have been no help!) before deciding that I didn’t wan’t to make it 2 people in the water and headed back up the channel –  I looked to the side and James had the exact same idea!!!!haha

I then stood on the side to make sure Bazza was OK, and once I saw him walking along the beach I then video’d Richi and Ian in the surf. I’ll let the photos/videos do the talking but the wide angle does not do the surf justice!

After this we went to find Ian who had done a crafty and vanished – after a quick phone call I he said he was the cafe round the corner!! Cheeky! We went to meet him and had a few photos for the record.

James, Baz, Richi,Chris and Ian

Baz, Chris and Ian.

Soon afterwards we headed back against the strong ebb tide towards the slip. What a great day and really good team bonding having met Ian!


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