We welcome our fifth and final member of the team!

After endorsing the event and becoming involved at an early stage, Dr Mike Stroud has decided to take on the challenge too!

Mike is a Hospital Consultant in Southampton who has had a longstanding interest in exploration and physical challenges. His previous ventures to raise money for charity have included the first unsupported crossing of Antarctica on foot which he undertook with Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and he and Sir Ranulph also ran seven marathons, on seven continents in seven days. Mike has also appeared frequently on television, most notably as the doctor and endurance expert in all three series of the BBC’s ‘SAS – Are You Tough Enough?’ set in Scotland, the jungles of Borneo and the Deserts of Namibia, and as the presenter of the BBC series – ‘The Challenge’. However, he has only very recently taken to the sea.

Whilst down in Antarctica in early 2013, setting up the first ever attempt to cross the South Pole in winter, Mike met a sea kayaker from Scotland. This led to a 3 day kayaking trip off the Isle of Skye, which convinced him that this was a sport he had to take up. Since then, he has paddled off the south coast as often as he could but he still views himself as very much a keen beginner. Joining the trip to Alderney is therefore a very big challenge.

Mike has published two books ‘Shadows on the Wasteland’ on the crossing of Antarctica and ‘Survival of the Fittest’ covering all his extensive outdoor adventures set in the context of improving understanding of nutrition, health and optimal human performance.



With his background and experience he is yet another valuable member of the team.


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