Ringstead Bay through Durdle Door 3rd May 2014

This Saturday was the first time I have managed to get the Alderney team together on the open sea. Mark Harding is the only one not with us, but he is doing well with his training off the Alderney coast. We had an early launch from Ringstead with the aim to paddle to Chapmans Pool and back. As always, the weather had something to say on those plans. The forecasted flat sea was not there. We launched into a big swell off the Ringstead reef and conditions were lumpy with confused water coming form all directions. We made good progress, but the sea was more confused as we headed Eat past Lulworth Cove going into a head wind over tide. This slowed the team down. We were on a time limit as Mike had to get back, so we did not quite reach Chapmans Pool. I was hoping the tail wind would give us some runners to ride back, but the wind was variable and most of the waves hit us form the side. As always, the photos don’t show the conditions as I only whip the camera out at opportune moments. With 5 weeks to go the team needs to work on keeping a steady pace and keeping closer together in group formation. 

Ian Smith.


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