What to do when the wind is blowing over 40mph? Go kayaking of course!

We are conscious that Mike needs to get some training in as much as possible now the first weather window is drawing near however knowing that today was going to be crazily windy I had my reservations when I woke up to see the trees bent double! After a quick phone call to Ian we settled on Christchurch Harbour.

After a careful journey down we set off.

The sun was shining so we were happy!

On the way downstream we were making around 7mph on the GPS and the Epics hitting around 8mph!

As we went back out of the relative shelter we hit the 35+mph wind in the main harbour. Wow – that was crazy with up to nearly 50mph gusts trying to rip the paddle from our hands!

 After surfing to the cafe for a pit stop we then battled against the wind for what seemed like an age before doing a loop in the rivers and heading back. We might have only gone 11 miles but boy, what a workout against the wind and tides but great to know our limits.


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