Another weather window goes….

Well not a great deal has been going on over the last few weeks apart from watching the weather with great interest! This weather window is far too unsettled, in some ways I am glad it is not this window, as Mike Stroud couldn’t make it due to other commitments. We have been getting out and about on our own mostly and today I went out for a few hours dodging the rain. As usual the predicted low wind was wrong and it blew up. Luckily I was on the Hamble so had a lovely time looking at the most expensive yachts in the country wishing I was paddling across the channel in millpond conditions!

The next attempt date is around the 22nd July so I’m hoping this mixed weather goes away and we get a more settled forecast so we can get this done!!! It’s really hard work having to find the time to go training and keep your fitness up – like waiting for a marathon that doesn’t have a definite start date! The main benefit I’ve found though is that I have always been 13 stone 4 for the last 20 years and now I can be 12 stone 8 after a long paddle. I know some of this is dehydration but gives me a good excuse to eat more ice cream and chocolate – I highly recommend this diet!!!

Here is a picture from today of one of the tugs giving the Fastcat a soaking!



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