Warsash to Keyhaven and back 32 miler.

Quick video of yesterday. I was banging down at about 8mph in the main section and VERY nearly carried on to go round the Isle of Wight due to making such good time but as I reached Hurst Castle the Coastguard put out a warning that within 6-12 hours (shortly they said!) there is a Gale Force warning so I thought more of it and headed back. Managed to make around 6-7mph through the chop caused by the wind on tide, but still love the Epic V6’s ability to cut through most. I have learned to shorten the paddle from 215cm to 212cm when it’s like this so I can keep the cadence up. It does make nearly 1mph difference as you aren’t putting in long strength sapping strokes but quicker ones. You’d never think that 3cm would make that difference! That’s why I think the variable lock Epic Small/mid wings are perfect as you can do this on the move quickly. They really have put lots of thought into their product.



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