Warsash to Keyhaven and back 32 miler.

Quick video of yesterday. I was banging down at about 8mph in the main section and VERY nearly carried on to go round the Isle of Wight due to making such good time but as I reached Hurst Castle the Coastguard put out a warning that within 6-12 hours (shortly they said!) there is a Gale Force warning so I thought more of it and headed back. Managed to make around 6-7mph through the chop caused by the wind on tide, but still love the Epic V6’s ability to cut through most. I have learned to shorten the paddle from 215cm to 212cm when it’s like this so I can keep the cadence up. It does make nearly 1mph difference as you aren’t putting in long strength sapping strokes but quicker ones. You’d never think that 3cm would make that difference! That’s why I think the variable lock Epic Small/mid wings are perfect as you can do this on the move quickly. They really have put lots of thought into their product.



A few hours training before work.

I’m working on late shifts at the moment which means 2pm-midnight, but conscious that I need to keep training up I grabbed a few hours before work on Monday and Tuesday:

Monday – Just back from a 12 miler up the Hamble before work this afternoon. Had to laugh when the massive Police Catamaran came up behind me and when I shouted that I was going to try and surf their wake they blipped the throttle (well I think they did) and swamped the kayak! Very nearly fell in, haha!

Tuesday –  Was lovely from 10-11, but as I turned around to go home it went from a force 1 to a force 5/6! If anyone wants to know why it is so hard to get this Alderney challenge weather right, today is a good example!


Support boat sorted!!!!

Team HowAboutAlderney would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Valkyrie Charters for your help! Without it, all these months and months of hard work would not be possible. It really is appreciated as we know how busy you are. We think your boats are amazing and perfect for the trip.

If anyone wants to go fishing around Portsmouth area then Glen is your man! Have a look at the impressive boats that he runs – http://www.valkyriecharters.co.uk/

Now if you could just sort out the weather for the 22nd/23rd we would be grateful! 😉


Another weather window goes….

Well not a great deal has been going on over the last few weeks apart from watching the weather with great interest! This weather window is far too unsettled, in some ways I am glad it is not this window, as Mike Stroud couldn’t make it due to other commitments. We have been getting out and about on our own mostly and today I went out for a few hours dodging the rain. As usual the predicted low wind was wrong and it blew up. Luckily I was on the Hamble so had a lovely time looking at the most expensive yachts in the country wishing I was paddling across the channel in millpond conditions!

The next attempt date is around the 22nd July so I’m hoping this mixed weather goes away and we get a more settled forecast so we can get this done!!! It’s really hard work having to find the time to go training and keep your fitness up – like waiting for a marathon that doesn’t have a definite start date! The main benefit I’ve found though is that I have always been 13 stone 4 for the last 20 years and now I can be 12 stone 8 after a long paddle. I know some of this is dehydration but gives me a good excuse to eat more ice cream and chocolate – I highly recommend this diet!!!

Here is a picture from today of one of the tugs giving the Fastcat a soaking!


The team get together for the first time.

After being extremely badly let down by the support boat that we had organised months ago we were determined to use the opportunity to go out anyway. Although everyone was very deflated by the experience to say the least, as Mark was over from Alderney in readiness, we just had to use this opportunity to see how the Hobie would perform against the Epics. Here is a short clip of the day…..

Let down by safety boat despite team ready to go…..

Despite everyone gearing up for this and even Mark coming over from Alderney in readiness we have unfortunately been badly let down by our safety boat so therefore despite the weather looking as good as it can get (on paper) we have no option but to cancel this weekends proposed crossing. We have tried to get another boat from Poole to help escort us across but as it’s the Round the Isle of Wight event this weekend, no-one is available at such short notice.

Months and months of getting ready you can understand our frustration……but the safety of everyone is paramount. Thanks for everyone’s support.